Free Trial for Our HIIT and LIT Classes!

Are you thinking about trying a HIIT or LIT class but don’t want to commit yet? We understand completely, which is why we’re offering a free trial for anyone who’s interested!

What does the free trial involve?

For your first week, you can attend any of our HIIT or LIT classes for free! Whether you choose high- or low-intensity, we’ll work with you to help build your endurance, flexibility, and strength, all while making fitness fun and interesting. If you’re looking to shake up your fitness routine in a high-energy group class atmosphere, we’re sure that this is the right program for you!

HIIT Class

When you attend a HIIT class, expect to train at a higher intensity level in shorter intervals. You’ll give 100% effort through quick bursts of exercise, which are followed by short, and sometimes active, recovery periods. HIIT training keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

LIT Class

When you attend a LIT class, expect to employ the concept of low-intensity interval training, which involves group yoga, group pilates, and group Barre sessions to improve your strength while stretching and sculpting the body.

Take advantage of our free trial to find a better you!