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We will start our team InBody challenge on April 10 for members and non-members. Non-member price is $299. The team challenge will be lead by Bria Method Trainers and will feature 4 prizes, 2 InBody's, and food consulting.

Balanced Fitness

HIIT Classes

“HIIT” classes will Incorporate elements of TRX, strength training, plyometrics, and sprints on treadmills and aerodyne bikes.

LIT Classes

“LIT Barre” will be a combination of traditional barre mixed with rhythmic high-intensity movements creating high energy class but a low impact on your body.


When you select a membership with Bria Method, you’ll get an experience unlike any other in the area.

Why Choose The Bria Method?

Maximize The Burn

EPOC "Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption" High Intensity Training helps your burn more calories all day long by forcing the body to build its oxygen stores back up for a period of 16-20 hours post workout.

Nutrition Counseling

Studies show healthy food intake as the “most important” part of our fitness programs. Inquire within for more information.

Balanced Fitness

Combining all aspect of fitness; cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. We train all skills including agility, balance, coordination, speed, power, and reaction time

Strength In Numbers

Working out in a group setting increases your health and fitness success, exercise partners provide support, accountability, motivation and healthy competition.

Fitness For Everyone

Whether you are a novice or an exercise fanatic, our balanced fitness programs are perfect for you.

Results Results Results

We care about you and your goals! We want you to gain strength and endurance, a clear mind, and a physique that will make you proud.

Group Fitness Classes That Sculpt and Motivate

One of the top excuses people use for avoiding the gym is, “a lack of motivation.”

Those people have never experienced Bria Method.

Our philosophy centers around the concept of variety, utilizing multiple different fitness disciplines – from weight training to plyometrics to yoga – and different exercise equipment in order to develop strength, endurance, speed, balance, and flexibility. Our group fitness classes strive to create well-rounded, healthy athletes with toned bodies, following the lead of our founder, Tony Bria, an Ironman triathlete who grew up in Bucks County, PA, playing multiple sports. He developed a multifaceted program for group fitness classes that perfectly aligns with his background and passions.

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Working out with us is always different; never dull. We offer only group workout classes, fostering an upbeat environment where men and women from Ivyland, PA, Richboro, PA, Warminster, PA, and the surrounding areas can feed off each other’s energy and make new friends while getting in shape.

Talk about ready-made motivation.

Here’s what to expect from Bria Method group fitness classes:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes: Our HIIT program is a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training, performed at a high pace for maximum effectiveness. Intensity is a powerful fitness tool that can completely change your body. We utilize a variety of fitness equipment in our HIIT group fitness classes like treadmills, Aerodyne bikes, and plyo boxes. For weight training, we use dumbbells, TRX bands, and more.

Low Impact Training (LIT) Classes: Our LIT classes employ a lower-impact strength training program that will sculpt and tone the body. They incorporate elements of yoga and Barre, which emphasize body control and flexibility and exercise the mind, as well as the body.

Group workout classes offered seven days a week with convenient hours.

Bright lights and upbeat music to pump you up for your workout, no matter how you’re feeling that day.

The best instruction and guidance from a staff that not only believes in Bria Method but lives it.

Affordable prices for a fitness membership that comes with incredible value.

We firmly believe in the benefits of working out in a group, as opposed to individual personal training or the types of solo workouts you tend to see in a traditional gym. Group fitness classes elevate your level of performance not just by fostering a little friendly, healthy competition, but by encouraging camaraderie. Simply put, you’ll push yourself harder with the enthusiastic encouragement of your classmates.

The harder you push, the more you’ll get out of the workout. The more variety you incorporate into your fitness program, the more of an impact it will have on your body and your life. That is the essence of Bria Method.

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