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HIIT vs. LIT Classes: Which Is Best for You?

Looking for a modern workout routine that is compatible with your preferred lifestyle? At Bria Method, we offer both HIIT and LIT classes, also known as High-Intensity Interval Training and Low-Impact Interval Training classes. Not sure which class you would best fit into? Keep reading for a detailed guide to help you find out!

What You Need to Know About Dance Fit Class

At Bria Method, we offer many ways to achieve incredible fitness results. Different workout programs have different levels of intensity, but they’re all designed to burn calories, build muscle, and improve flexibility and overall bodily function.

Things You Can Do Before and After a Workout to Keep Your Body Healthy

We offer HIIT workouts for women in Richboro, PA, among a host of other health and fitness related activities. Our team of qualified fitness professionals dedicates their lives to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Several things can be done before and after a workout to maintain optimum levels of fitness. We’ve listed […]

Why You Need to Forge Your Summer Bod This Spring

With the summer coming up, making sure your body is toned just the way you want should be numero uno on any to-do list. That’s why Bria Method is here to help you get the gains you want and crush your goals before the summer sun kicks in.

Reboot Your Fitness Routine: 4 Ways to Restore Your Motivation

The moment the weather starts to change at winter’s end, there’s an inherent need to toss the cookies and get in shape. The cold weather makes everyone a little lazy when it comes to working out. Instead, you’d much rather snuggle up in your warm bed. Luckily, the season is changing, and that means you […]