Membership Options

You can join Bria Method on a monthly basis or purchase a package of classes.

Monthly Membership Options
(Renew Automatically)
  • All-Star – 8 classes per Month
  • Basic – 4 classes per Month
One Time Purchase 6-Month Class Packs and Single Classes Also Available!
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A Fitness Membership with Unmatched Value

It’s true that you can find a fitness membership in Bucks County, PA, for as low as $10 a month. It’s true that you can find a local gym that’s open 24 hours a day and lets you do whatever you want – in the realm of fitness – when you’re there. It’s also true that gyms offering specialized group classes are everywhere you look, no matter where you live.

But how do you measure the value of a fitness membership? At Bria Method, we believe a gym’s value comes from the full experience it offers its members and the full return they get on their investment.

What you get from a fitness membership with us:

Bria Method promises an experience unlike any other in the area, with a list of membership options to suit any budget or commitment level.

The philosophy behind our group classes is specifically focused on getting you the results you want, whatever your goals might be. Our founder, Tony Bria, developed his fitness program based on years of experience training to compete in a number of different sports. He wants to pass along the best of those training experiences on to Bria Method members. To him, your fitness is personal.

Our Classes

What makes Bria Method special is how it mixes many different methodologies into one highly effective fitness program. We offer both High-Intensity Interval Training and Low Impact Training Classes, giving members a taste of a yoga or Barre studio along with fast-paced cardiovascular training and strength work – all in an energetic group environment.

HIIT Classes: Short bursts of intense activity, followed by short periods of rest, performed in a series of intervals. Movements vary but can involve weights, sprints on cardio equipment, plyometrics, and bodyweight exercises. The key to maximizing the calorie- and fat-burning effects of HIIT Class is to go as hard as possible during the work intervals.

LIT Classes: Our strength and flexibility training program uses the principles of yoga, Barre, and pilates. LIT Barre classes mix intervals of Ballet-inspired movements with intervals of higher-energy movements. LIT yoga classes focus on the mind-body balance that’s so important to health.

Classes are for both men and women, so families can work out together. Members reap the benefits of a knowledgeable, attentive trainer who can teach them the proper way to execute various movements while also pushing them to work their hardest.

Class packages are valid for one year after purchase and are valid for both our HIIT Program and LIT Classes.

At Bria Method, fitness membership grants you access to a gem of a local gym in Bucks County, PA. Contact us to inquire about our class schedule and to join our community today. We can’t wait to see you in class!