We combine high-intensity resistance training, cardiovascular training, Yoga, and Barre to GET RESULTS!

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Bria Method = Balanced Fitness


At Bria Method, we believe in a balanced approach to fitness that harnesses the power of different disciplines to transform clients into well-rounded athletes. We incorporate both high- and low-intensity classes, aiming to build endurance, strength, and flexibility while making fitness interesting and fun. It’s anything but routine. It’s amazingly effective.

Our group classes will be a mixture of “HIIT,” or High-Intensity Interval Training, which utilizes resistance training, bodyweight, and cardiovascular exercises at a fast pace, and “LIT,” or Low-Intensity Interval Training, which incorporates yoga and Barre to keep your body lean and flexible.

We offer a high-energy group class atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and gets the best out of each and every participant.

“HIIT” Classes: These 60-minute, up-tempo workout sessions mix strength training, TRX band work, plyometrics, and sprints on treadmills and air bikes, a combination that will engage and challenge every piece of your body, helping to create a balanced physique.

“LIT Barre” Classes: We combine traditional Barre, a fitness method inspired by ballet, with rhythmic high-intensity movements to create a high-energy workout with a low impact on your body.

“LIT Yoga”:  We take a mindful approach to detoxifying the body, flowing through a vigorous, yet relaxing, routine that increases strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Bria Method is a balanced fitness program serving Bucks County, PA, with a little bit of everything that’s effective and exciting about exercise. We’re committed to helping each member move better while improving his or her body composition.

We know why you work out: to look better and improve your quality of life. We’ll make that happen for you!

HIIT Classes

“HIIT” classes will Incorporate elements of TRX, strength training, plyometrics, and sprints on treadmills and aerodyne bikes.

LIT Classes

“LIT Barre” will be a combination of traditional barre mixed with rhythmic high-intensity movements creating high energy class but a low impact on your body.


When you select a membership with Bria Method, you’ll get an experience unlike any other in the area.


Our group fitness classes cater to residents of Bucks County, PA, who are looking for a life-changing fitness program but don’t want to work out in the same old gym. The studio is conveniently located for residents of Ivyland, PA, Richboro, PA, Warminster, PA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out about our membership packages.

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