HIIT Class Hits Hard – In the Best Way

Change can be scary, especially when it comes to exercise.

People call it a workout “routine” for a reason. So many of us tend to do the same things at the gym, over and over again, from running on the treadmill for an hour a day to adhering to a set lifting schedule (see: Leg Day.) Sure, to an extent, we enjoy our workouts, but at some point, it’s also about what makes us comfortable.

If you want to truly improve your fitness or change your body, comfortable training methods are the enemy.

How will you even know you don’t enjoy a different program if you never try?

If you live in Ivyland, PA, Richboro, PA, Warminster, PA, or nearby communities in Bucks County, PA, taking a HIIT class (short for high-intensity interval training) at Bria Method is the perfect way to shock you out of your routine.

Our HIIT program was developed by an Ironman triathlete and former multi-sport scholastic athlete who knows what it means to get the most out of a workout.

HIIT class will definitely be a change of pace, but that’s a good thing. Pushing yourself to the limit can seem like a frightening concept, but what’s even more frightening is staying stuck in the same place and never reaching your goals.

What can I expect from HIIT Class?

Simply stated: Expect the unexpected.

High-intensity interval training is what the name suggests. You are training at a higher intensity level, meaning your heart rate is going to be higher than if you were out for a jog in the park. You’re working for short intervals – typically between 20 seconds and a minute in length – and then resting or recovering for short intervals before going hard again.

HIIT Class will incorporate different functional movements and equipment, including treadmills, Aerodyne bicycles, TRX bands, dumbbells, and much more. Intensity and variety are your friends! Embrace them.

Why choose the HIIT program at Bria Method?

We are the opposite of your traditional gym. We offer only group classes, which creates an especially dynamic atmosphere for people who are used to having to motivate themselves in the gym every day.

Our HIIT Class workouts are for men and for women, and movements can always be modified or weights scaled, relative to an individual’s fitness level or ability. It won’t take long, though, before a Bria Method HIIT Class has helped you take your fitness level and ability to the next level.

While working out with intensity will help catapult you out of your comfort zone and closer to your fitness goals, part of being well-rounded is knowing when to slow things down a bit. Bria Method offers lower-intensity LIT classes, which will introduce yoga and Barre movements into your fitness regimen, making sure it never becomes routine.

Fitness memberships with us are a tremendous value for men and for women living in Ivyland, PA, Richboro, PA, Warminster, PA, and surrounding communities in Bucks County, PA. Contact us today to change how you work out, for good.