3 Reasons to Start HIIT Training Today

3 Reasons to Start HIIT Training Today

When it comes to building and working towards the level of fitness you’re seeking, the process can be tough. To overcome the obstacles preventing you from living the active life you want, it is critical to find a place where you can devote yourself to a routine that inspires you, invigorates you, and makes you look forward to hitting the studio instead of feeling put-out.

At Bria Method, we provide you with a holistic, state-of-the-art studio without the gimmicks. Among our other diverse choice of classes, we offer HIIT classes that will hit you hard, and in the best possible way. For instance:


Shed Pounds Even After You Train

We’ve all heard that HIIT training goes a long way in helping you lose weight. Not only that, but one of the many reasons why so many people choose HIIT is that training helps you burn fat even after your training has stopped.

This is because of something called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). After a HIIT routine, your oxygen consumption hikes up in such a way that your body burns fat much faster. Additionally, thanks to the way a HIIT workout boosts your metabolism, you can burn even more fat than through a regular, slower-paced cardio routine, even though steady-state workouts are maintained for longer time periods.


Build More Muscle Mass

While your new workouts stimulate the using up of calories and fat, HIIT also produces muscle-building anabolic hormones that help you to develop leaner muscles.

In fact, HIIT workouts are better at building and maintaining muscle mass than regular and sustained steady-state workouts, despite HIIT’s shorter intervals, as prolonged exercise can actually cause muscle to be burned up and used by the body as fuel.


Improve Your Blood Flow

Intense, interval-based training can even help your blood flow and blood vessel dilation. This can be particularly true for those with Type 2 Diabetes who often struggle with less-than-ideal blood flow.

Are you ready to begin living the active life you’ve always wanted? To learn more about how Bria Method takes your fitness to the next level, start your trial with us today by calling 215-675-3068.