Can Barre Help Me Lose Weight?
person holding ballet barre bar

Can Barre Help Me Lose Weight?

Developing a weight loss program means that you have much more to do than just being careful about what you eat. You also need to get active. However, high-intensity classes may not be for everyone. Instead, some people taking a journey toward a healthier lifestyle instead focus on low-intensity options, such as Barre.

What Is Barre?

Barre goes far beyond the baby ballerina classes that some people remember from childhood. The method mixes common elements of barre work, such as plies, with rhythmic components to create a class that keeps you moving. Our class has a lower impact on the joints than many other aerobic classes.

What Are the Benefits of Barre?

One of the aspects of barre is that our clients appreciate is that they are getting a full workout. These classes help with strengthening and flexibility. The mindful movements help to alleviate stress and offer the benefit of learning how to effectively use the core muscles.

Is Barre Good for Weight Loss?

Here’s what you should know about barre’s effectiveness in weight management:


Barre classes are ideal for people of any skill level. It can help with weight loss or weight maintenance, as well as improving the overall fitness level of the participants. Whether you’re a beginner who is going to need time to ease into the class or an expert who wants to add a new element to a workout routine, these classes can greatly benefit you.

Our instructors focus on keeping the class members motivated. You’ll also find that you can build a strong fitness support system when you attend these classes on a regular basis. Improvements in the way you feel and the signs that you’re losing weight can also help you to remain motivated to come back for more.

We’re ready to help you find the fitness classes that will help to keep you motivated to move. Our barre class is only one of the options that we offer for our members. Give us a call to learn more about our lower intensity and high-intensity interval training classes today!