Don’t “Fall” Into Bad Habits This Autumn — How to Keep Your Beach Body All Year Long

Don’t “Fall” Into Bad Habits This Autumn — How to Keep Your Beach Body All Year Long

Summertime. It’s the season synonymous with getting your “beach body,” putting long hours in the gym to stay fit and trim, and preparing to squeeze back into that bathing suit. But now that another summer is in the books, sometimes people lose motivation and fall back into their bad habits. In fact, it can become a vicious cycle. You might eat a little more, exercise slightly less often, and before you know it, the extra weight has crept in.

However, by now, it’s likely close to the holidays, so you figure, “I’ll just make getting back in shape my New Year’s resolution.” The next thing you know, it’s springtime and you’re struggling to get back in shape for the beach..

At Bria Method, we know how hard you work to stay fit, healthy, and looking good. And we want to help you stay that way all year long. With our group fitness training for the residents of Richboro, PA and the surrounding areas, we can ensure that you maintain the figure you’ve worked hard to achieve. So while you may need to add some layers of clothing as the temperatures drop, it doesn’t mean you need to add layers of fat around your stomach. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to stay motivated this season:

Weigh In Regularly (But Not Too Much)

To avoid getting caught off guard by creeping weight gain, it’s a good idea to weigh yourself regularly. However, it’s critical to not obsess over these numbers. While weighing yourself can be a terrific tool for managing your food intake, don’t become too discouraged by what you see. To track your progress, try to weigh yourself once a week.

Schedule Your Workouts in Advance

At Bria Method, we offer a variety of options for our members to stay fit and healthy all year long. By scheduling your classes and workouts ahead of time, it helps you you commit and plan your schedule around them, allowing you to stay on track all year long. Simply pick a class and time that works for you and make it a part of your daily or weekly workout program.

Watch Your Nutrition

When the cooler weather arrives, it can cause cravings of comfort food like extra-large bowls of pasta, heavy and creamy soups, carbs, and more. All of this can quickly contribute to weight gain. And that’s not even including all the decadent holiday meals that come around  later in the year. Instead, pay attention to your nutrition and make smart choices when planning your meals.

At Bria Method, we can help you maintain your beach body all year long. Our gym program serving Bucks County has a range of classes for both men and women of all fitness levels. For more information on our membership options, contact us today!