HIIT vs. LIT Classes: Which Is Best for You?
woman doing pushup

HIIT vs. LIT Classes: Which Is Best for You?

Looking for a modern workout routine that is compatible with your preferred lifestyle? At Bria Method, we offer both HIIT and LIT classes, also known as High-Intensity Interval Training and Low-Impact Interval Training classes. Not sure which class you would best fit into? Keep reading for a detailed guide to help you find out!

Who Should Sign up for HIIT Classes?

As the name suggests, HIIT Classes are high-intensity workouts — but you work out for very short intervals, which are followed by quick resting periods before getting back to the high-intensity workouts. You can expect to use a broad range of exercise equipment during HIIT Classes, with one recurring theme: going as hard as you can, and pushing beyond your limits. HIIT Classes are ideal for individuals who are used to challenging themselves at the gym. If you’ve already had HIIT training, or you want to start with something less intense, perhaps LIT Classes are the best option for your lifestyle. 

Who Should Sign up for LIT Classes?

LIT Classes may be low-impact, but they’re still high-intensity! Either way, LIT training is a nice way to change the pace up a bit for individuals who have been involved with HIIT training already. Our LIT Classes are broken into sections that focus on different activities: barre, yoga, and LIT Dance Fit. People who are looking for ways to burn fat and boost their cardio conditioning should sign up for LIT Classes and participate in our fun group program. You can burn 600 calories or more at each LIT class!

Should You HIIT, or Should You LIT?

So, would you be better off in HIIT Classes or LIT Classes? Perhaps you would like to be a part of both — there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you take care of your body properly between classes! If you still need help finding the right fitness class for your needs, learn more about becoming a member, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have!