How Pilates Can Transform Your Body
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How Pilates Can Transform Your Body

People jumping into fitness for the first time want to find exercises and routines that fit their goals and pique their interests. While free weights, cardio, and lifting often represent the most popular and common options associated with changing your physical health and appearance, they aren’t the only viable option. Pilates can become your workout of choice for a total body workout that doesn’t put as much strain on your muscles or joints. 

If you haven’t heard of this workout style or have been hesitant to try it, discovering how pilates can transform your body can help you decide to dive headlong into the practice. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from taking up pilates. 

Promotes Total Body Fitness

When you’re dealing with weight-lifting exercises, individual workouts tend to focus on a particular muscle group to train that specific day. To hit every group, you must stick to a set workout schedule and allow rest days not to overexert yourself. With a pilates workout, you can focus on working on your entire body throughout the session. 

The main focuses of a pilates workout include your core, lower body, overall flexibility, posture, and upper body strength. Giving each section the time and attention they deserve in a pilates workout helps ensure you don’t miss out on any vital areas. If you divide activities out to target specific locations on a particular day or if you decide to skip a special day, it can affect your overall goals in unexpected ways. 

Friendly to People of All Ages and Skill Sets

One of the greatest difficulties for people looking to work out revolves around feeling that they don’t have the physical ability to do certain exercises. Not everyone can deadlift 200 pounds, run two miles, or do a full CrossFit workout. However, pilates is the kind of low-impact exercise that offers people of all fitness levels the opportunity to participate and see the long-term health benefits.

Improves Flexibility While Building Strength

No matter your age, one of the areas that people feel like they could always improve is their overall flexibility. People want to move around without feeling like their body is creaking with every movement. Pilates helps improve strength and flexibility in joints and muscles that you may have thought were long lost. 

Helps With Your Core and Posture

With the current working environment usually involving sitting at a desk for hours, more people have begun seeing issues with their posture. The same can be said for one of the most important muscle groups — your core — if often neglected. Strengthening your core can help improve your posture since you’re focusing on the muscles that help you stand upright and tall throughout the day. Pilates can help you focus on both your core and posture at once. 

If you have a functional weakness in any aspect of your core, the rest of your body will work together to help compensate for that discrepancy. Strengthening your core through pilates can help you relax your neck and shoulder, leaving the rest of your joints and muscles to handle the jobs they were designed to do. 

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When you start looking for a pilates class for your first time, you want to find a fitness class that provides a welcoming environment where you can feel at home trying a new activity. Our teachers and classes help welcome new members with open arms and can adjust the moves as needed. If you would like to learn more about these group LIT classes in Warminster, PA, or a membership plan, contact us today!