How Will Gyms Look When They Reopen?
woman doing upper-body battle ropes exercise

How Will Gyms Look When They Reopen?

As Bucks County and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania head into the green phase, residents and visitors alike are looking forward to getting back to their usual schedule and tending to some long-overdue activities that were put on hold throughout quarantine. These include getting a hair cut, indoor dining, and getting back into the gym. 

While the prospect of a return to normalcy is undoubtedly appealing, it’s essential to understand that the “green phase” is just that — another phase. While most equate “green” with “go,” businesses and nearby communities at large still must take safety precautions and preventative measures that keep public health a priority — and Bria Method is no exception! 

What Will Bria Method Look Like Moving Forward?

Here’s a brief breakdown of the steps we’re taking to keep our gym-goers safe and responsibly resume business:

A few months ago, the answer to whether or not you should go back to the gym was effectively answered for you. But now, we all have some options. To that effect, it’s understandable you may be curious as to what exactly going back to the gym is going to look like — both for the foreseeable future and beyond. If you’re wondering what getting a good workout with Bria Method will entail, here’s what you can expect:

Smaller class sizes: By modifying our classes to a more modest headcount, participants will have more room to spread out and participate fully without worrying about an overcrowded indoor space. In the same vein, we are leaving more time between HIIT and LIT classes to give our staff ample opportunity to thoroughly clean.

A communion of mind and body: We understand how important physical activity is in helping individuals bounce back from extended isolation. By resuming workouts with like-minded peers, you’ll not only be able to kick your regiment back into gear, but you’ll also be motivated by those around you and experience positive human interactions that may have fallen by the wayside in the past few months.

Virtual workouts offerings: While we’re excited to get back to on-site activity, we’ve learned a few things along the way! While recent circumstances have been anything but normal, we have a better understanding of our clientele’s varying lifestyles. People have all sorts of obligations, such as tending to their children in the absence of school and camps. As such, Bria Method will continue offering virtual workouts!

Check out this video of our very own Tony Bria talking with Fox 29’s Marcus Espinoza about the future of gyms post COVID-19 and the measures that Bria Method is taking to ensure your safety. 

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