The 7 Best Foods to Boost Your Workout

The 7 Best Foods to Boost Your Workout

If you’re trying to improve your overall fitness level, you need to establish an exercise routine and a regular schedule that works for you. Many residents of Bucks County find that getting a gym membership can be helpful in establishing a routine. But if you’re not eating the right foods, you may find yourself struggling to get through your workout, or feel so exhausted afterward that you swear you’ll never do it again.

Take a look at the infographic below for a quick overview of seven of the best foods that you can eat to help you power through your toughest workouts and improve your recovery afterward. Once reviewed, continue reading to learn about the benefits of each food. 


This popular nut may be beneficial in slimming down your waistline and improving performance during your workout. One study suggested that they can help contribute to more effective oxygen utilization, improving endurance in trained athletes. You can grab a handful before your workout, or spread some almond butter on a piece of whole grain toast. The protein, fiber, and healthy fats may also aid in muscle recovery. 


This signature orange squash may help to reduce lactic acid, which is the compound primarily responsible for making your muscles ache during intense aerobic activities. 

Bonus: pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, contain iron and magnesium, which can help with muscle development and processing carbs more efficiently. 


This go-to summertime treat is also an excellent snack after an intense workout. Thanks to the amino acid L-citrulline, this fruit is more than just a refreshing way to rehydrate — it can help to start relieving your sore muscles, too.


Egg whites may be touted as a health food, but if you want the full benefit of what this potent protein-packed snack has to offer, you want to eat the whole egg. The yolk is full of healthy fats plus other nutrients that can help your body use protein more efficiently and stimulate muscle synthesis.


This popular yellow fruit is perfect to snack on before you hit the gym to give you a boost of energy. It contains three different types of sugar (glucose, fructose, and sucrose), and they are absorbed into your blood at different speeds, preventing the “crash” that can happen with just sucrose. They’re also great after a workout thanks to being packed with potassium, which can help with muscle function.

Lean Meat

Lean meats like pork tenderloin, chicken, and turkey can help you to burn more fat around your waist. Low in calories and a great source of protein, lean meats are great to include as part of a healthy meal to keep you going. 


If weight loss is one of your fitness goals, oats may be able to help you achieve a lower body mass index and improve intake of nutrients. Throw in your favorite fruit and nuts and you have the perfect meal to give your body everything it needs before an intense workout.

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