Why Group Yoga Is Better Than Yoga By Yourself

Why Group Yoga Is Better Than Yoga By Yourself

Here at Bria Method, we offer numerous paths to fitness. Some people in the Montgomery County, PA area choose our HIIT program, while others go for low-intensity classes such as Barre or Dance Fit. Another low-intensity class we offer is Group Yoga.

If you currently have a yoga routine that you do on your own at home, you might think there’s no reason to modify that routine to include Group Yoga. But you’d be wrong. In this infographic, you’ll see four benefits of Group Yoga, available to people in the Bucks County, PA area courtesy of Bria Method, that you’re missing with solo yoga at home:

Camaraderie and Collaboration

When you do yoga on your own, you have to create your own energy, motivate yourself, and push yourself to reach your goals. 

But in a group, you have the energy and encouragement of those around you. If you can find people with goals similar to yours, such as achieving a challenging pose, you and these classmates can work together with mutual respect and a friendly dose of competition.  

A More Consistent Workout Regimen

Remember how we said that solo yoga requires you to create your own motivation? There will be days when you won’t feel like exercising, and unless you’re truly dedicated, you may be tempted to skip your routine. 

But once you get into the habit of Group Yoga, you’ll have the added incentive of seeing other people, and knowing that other people are expecting to see you. You’ll want to go to Group Yoga class, even when you aren’t really in the mood for exercise. You’ll also gain the advantage of professional tips and feedback from your teacher so that you can reap the most benefits from your workout. 

Fewer Distractions

It’s not always easy to put down everything and exercise at home, because there’s the constant possibility of being interrupted. At Group Yoga, you can achieve a singular focus on fitness, without having to deal with any of the people or things at home that can interrupt you. 

A Chance to Learn Something New

The yoga you’re doing at home may not be as effective as the style we teach. Here, you’ll experience power yoga, an athletic, vigorous style that allows the teacher to make every session unique. 

To find out what you’ve been missing, contact Bria Method.