Why You Need to Forge Your Summer Bod This Spring

Why You Need to Forge Your Summer Bod This Spring

With the summer coming up, making sure your body is toned just the way you want should be numero uno on any to-do list. That’s why Bria Method is here to help you get the gains you want and crush your goals before the summer sun kicks in.

Looking for some reasons to start beasting it up here at Bria Method with a local Bucks County, PA gym membership? Check out these benefits:

1. Feel the Burn

Bria Method’s EPOC “Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption” High-Intensity Training helps your body burn off more calories all day long. EPOC forces the body to build its oxygen stores back up for a period of 16-20 hours after a workout.

2. Chow Down the Right Way with Nutrition Counseling

Eating the food your body needs most is essential to getting the results you want from your routine, which is why we offer counseling on proper nutrition to help you reach your personal best.

3. Work Your Whole Body

The right workout approach should combine all aspects of fitness: muscular endurance and strength, cardio fitness, body composition, and flexibility. Bria Method trains you in all skills, including speed, power, agility, and reaction time.

4. Find Your Tribe

Training and working out with like-minded peers will help you double down on your resolve to push yourself to the limit, reaching heights of performance you didn’t even think possible. Groups provide personal support, accountability, and motivation from your fellow warriors.

5. Fitness For Everyone

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gym rat, our balanced fitness programs at Bria Method will have exactly what you need. It doesn’t matter where you’re at on your fitness adventure — our job is just to help you reach your goals and move on up!

Ultimately, what we at Bria Method really care about at the end of the day is you and your goals. We want you to gain endurance and strength, a clear mind, and a body that you’re proud of. Are you looking for a fitness membership in Bucks County, PA that’ll help you get where you want to go? Call 215-675-3068 today for a free one-week trial.