What Should I Eat Before a HIIT Workout?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has grown in popularity because it can provide proven results in a short amount of time. With our busy schedules, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

HIIT encompasses a style of workout that includes repeated sessions of quick, intense exercise. These workouts can be specifically tailored to your needs. When HIIT is used in combination with a nutritional program, the result can be amazing.

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How Will Gyms Look When They Reopen?

As Bucks County and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania head into the green phase, residents and visitors alike are looking forward to getting back to their usual schedule and tending to some long-overdue activities that were put on hold throughout quarantine. These include getting a hair cut, indoor dining, and getting back into the gym. 

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How Stretching Can Improve Your Overall Strength

Everyone associates stretching with flexibility — and for good reason! Regular stretching can significantly reduce injury risk, enhance flexibility, and improve range of motion in your muscles. But many people may not know that stretching is highly conducive to building and supporting overall muscle strength. By increasing the flow of healing oxygen to the muscles, stretching can promote growth and prevent injury. Even if you already lift weights, there are several reasons why stretching before and after workouts can improve your muscle strength and the quality of your workouts.

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Can You Improve Your Strength and Flexibility By Stretching at Home?

If you followed a regular strength training regimen before the Coronavirus outbreak took over news cycles and closed gyms and businesses nationwide, you might be wondering if and how you’re going to keep up with the same routine while self-isolating. Some people have state-of-the-art home gyms to keep up while quarantined. But for the majority of people who don’t, there are other options.

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The 7 Best Foods to Boost Your Workout

If you’re trying to improve your overall fitness level, you need to establish an exercise routine and a regular schedule that works for you. Many residents of Bucks County find that getting a gym membership can be helpful in establishing a routine. But if you’re not eating the right foods, you may find yourself struggling to get through your workout, or feel so exhausted afterward that you swear you’ll never do it again.

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How Often Should You Do HIIT Workouts?

Our Bucks County, PA HIIT training program is intense. In fact, it’s so intense that it’s not designed to be done every single day. If you do HIIT workouts six or seven days each week, you are almost certainly doing something wrong. True, genuine HIIT training should completely drain your tank and leave you feeling exhausted after each session. In other words, you simply aren’t doing HIIT right if you are physically and mentally capable of doing it several days in a row — sorry if we burst any of your bubbles there, but that’s the truth. Now, that begs the question: Exactly how often should you do HIIT? Let’s take a closer look.

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Success in Numbers: The Psychology Behind Group Workouts

As the owner of Bucks County, PA’s favorite HIIT exercise studio, Tony Bria knows what it takes to get motivated and hold yourself accountable for reaching fitness goals. But here’s the thing about holding yourself accountable — if you give up on your goals, nobody knows except for you. That’s why group workouts like HIIT and LIIT are so effective for so many individuals who previously struggled to reach their goals and get in shape. Check out the infographic below to learn about some benefits of group fitness:

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